Jai Jai Fashion-Art Launch at The Chocolate Factory, Thurs 30 March, 6.30pm

I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother, fashion—art launch event.
Thursday 30 March 2017, 6:30pm-8:30pmThe Chocolate Factory, Dublin

26 King’s Inns Street, Dublin 1, Dublin, D01 P2W7

This fashion—art event on the 30th of March marks the launch of Jai Jai, a new brand by Jai Thorn. Jai Jai responds to the materiality of the human body as one object in a spectrum of living organisms. Using a range of organic materials and fabrics that mimic the human form, Jai Jai art garments are developed in relation to living display structures that represent the human form. In this fashion-art event, choreographed models will be intentionally object-ified as living organisms to display the garments, which are purposefully conceived as gender non-specific.

Watch the Jai Jai launch video on Vimeo