module content

The content of the Art and Research Collaboration (ARC) programme is very directly determined by each student’s project area, developed through ongoing experimentation and exchange, through small group tutorials, critiques, lectures and presentations.  Teaching sessions take place at the LAB, on the main campus at IADT, and also in the studio facilities at IMMA.

You can download a sample programme schedule here

Students complete 60 ECTS credits in year one (Thursdays, 10am-5pm, October-May) and 30 ECTS credits in year two (Fridays, 10am-1pm, October-January). Below is a description of the module content, assessment and credit details.


Modules in Year One, Term One (October-January)

Art Research Methods (10 Credits) Introduction to critical, theoretical and ethical frameworks for art research,  explored through case studies. Assessment is a 3000 word essay on a topic chosen by the student.

Professional Development (10 Credits) Practical skills in art research project development, management and documentation, networking, budgeting, fundraising and promotion. Assessment is a mock (test) application for an opportunity chosen by the student.

Project Plan (10 Credits) Weekly tutorials focused on planning and resourcing of each student’s self-directed art research project, with guidance on project objectives and strategies. Assessment is by presentation/PDF submisssion of documentation.

Modules in Year One, Term Two (January-May)

External Collaboration (10 Credits) Practical research developed in dialogue with the work of an external organisation, potentially supported by ERASMUS internship. Assessment is a proposal for a collaboration with an organisation chosen by the student.

Production (20 Credits) Implementation of project plan, supported by weekly tutorials, with input from visiting artist, curators, writers, academic specialists. Assessment is by presentation/PDF submisssion of documentation.


Modules in Year Two, Term One (October-January)

Major Project (30 Credits) Completion and presentation of self-directed Major Project. Assessment is by presentation/PDF submisssion of documentation.