Apply to ARC

The MA in Art & Research Collaboration is open to applicants from various disciplines.

Applicants to ARC should have an undergraduate qualification of 2nd Class Honours or higher at Honours Degree level. Applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in a non-art discipline are welcome to apply and encouraged to seek advice in relation to project proposals. Applicants without degree-level qualifications may be considered provided they can demonstrate Honours Degree equivalence, which can be verified through the RPL (recognition of prior learning) process. For guidance on project proposals, and information on applying to ARC via the RPL process, please contact

Admission to the programme will be based on review of application materials and (in the case of eligible candidates) interview.

Application Form

Applications must be submitted online via the IADT website here

Applicants will need to provide the names and contact details of two referees, a CV, Transcripts of Results (and Certificates of English Language Competence, if relevant) and also a ‘portfolio’ that includes a Project Proposal.

Please read the guidance on Project Proposals here Project Proposals_ARC Programme 2024

Rolling Application Deadline

IADT operates a rolling admissions policy for graduate taught courses, with decisions issued in 4 weeks after a complete application is received. An application is incomplete until you provide all required items on the checklist (including the application fee, if applicable). Applications for ARC close in August.


For information on fees please refer to the IADT website

For information on English language requirements, for international applicants, see:

Applicants from outside the EU, or those with residency/citizenship-related queries, should consult the IADT Admissions Office for advice: General information on higher education grants (for applicants based in the EU) is available from

Please note the ARC programme does not offer scholarships for international students and IADT does not provide accommodation for any students.

Application Process:

Applicants will need to provide the names and contact details of two referees, a CV, Transcripts of Results (and Certificates of English Language Competence, if relevant).

You will also be required to submit a ‘portfolio’. Your Portfolio should be submitted as a PDF and must include the following:

  • Project Proposal with a description of the concerns/ideas/materials/techniques you intend to explore in your project (approximately 500 words).
  • An indication of the project format most relevant to you.  Do you want to make artworks, curate exhibitions/events, or write texts? If you’re interested in several formats that’s fine too –  just let us know in your proposal
  • Please include some references to research/work by others, either within and/or beyond the art field, relevant to your project (maximum 500 words).
  • If your project involves the making of artworks, you must include images of your own previous artwork (5-10 examples). Please caption all images with title, date and medium.  You can also include links to documentation of your video/audio/performance works on your website/vimeo/soundcloud/tumblr.
  • If you wish to develop a specifically text-based project, please include a sample of your previous writing (maximum 3,000 words) in your PDF

Please contact if you have any questions about developing a Project Proposal for ARC