Prefactory – ARC event in Workshop 4, The LAB on Thurs 7 April 2022, 12 – 5pm

Join ARC researchers and their collaborators at the LAB for an afternoon of research testing through practical activities and displays. The activities include the distribution of a new zine, Minimal Narratives, Portobello Square; an informal conversation between an artist and a curator on the intersection of art and ecology; and a one-to-one book binding workshop exploring uncanny places. The displays include a photographic investigation of zoning concepts such as character, with a focus on Longford; fragments of a structure derived from indigenous and Mexican folk architectures; and selected images from the Communist-era Romanian satirical magazine Nettle.

With contributions and responses from Oswaldo Alvarez, Shannon Carroll, Michael Croghan, Shane Gallagher, Mel Galley, Diana Popa, Natalia Panis Kaseker and Erin Redmond.

No booking necessary, all are welcome. The conversation between curator Shannon Carroll and artist Erin Redmond will start at 12.15pm