ARC and the LAB Gallery welcome ERASMUS Intern Natalia Panis Kaseker

Minimal Narratives, self portrait collecting data

IADT ARC and the LAB Gallery are delighted to welcome ERASMUS Intern Natalia Panis Kaseker to Dublin.

Natalia is a Social Scientist and Art Researcher, originally from Brazil but most recently based in Portugal, where she is undertaking a Masters in Art and Design for the Public Space at the School of Fine Arts in the University of Porto.

During her ERASMUS Internship, Natalia will be contributing to public-focused research at the LAB, participating in conversations with ARC students, and contributing to IADT exhibition projects.

Natalia views creative practices as an active learning process that can enhance understanding in society, improve imagination and help to develop empathy. The ARC programme has already become a significant part of her research process. She is exploring Visual Thinking Strategies, working alongside ARC students to develop interdisciplinary inquiry into art practice, and expanding her knowledge of public art policies.

Sketches public space, 2021

Natalia Panis Kaseker Project Research Statement:

Minimal Narratives of the Space: Strategies for Perception and Production

There is something about ordinary life. It not only expresses the human experiences and behaviour of a social being, but also allows us to recognise ourselves and navigate through our own subjective perceptions. I am now living in the Portobello area, where my apartment faces the Water Channel Square. Sitting on the floor by the window, I look outside and I am captivated by the minimal narratives that pass me by, such as kids jumping around, grownups going to work, or people who are just there to get some fresh air.

My curiosity has developed into a method of collecting data through notes, observations, photos, thoughts and wonderings. Minimal Narratives of the Space is an art and research project that explores illustrations, storytelling and performance. My aim is to investigate through practical means how people perceive, experiment and produce public space. I also hope to explore small disruptions of this space, inviting people to transform their ordinary selves into something that is yet to be imagined.

Minimal Narratives, photo archive

Illustration, another pedestrian walk, 2021